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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses and workshops prices fully inclusive?2018-10-03T22:07:01-05:00

The costs for the courses include all training materials, certification costs and an instructor provided at a location provided by the client organization. Typically, this will be a suitable contemporary business training room/boardroom with audio-visual technology to allow projection and internet access for the instructor. All meals/catering during the day will be the responsibility of the client organization or the participants.

The course can be delivered at an off-site location with all rental and catering costs met by the client organization. The venue must meet the same requirements as an on-site facility to provide a suitable learning environment.

Let us know your specific requirements or constraints.

I like the look of these courses but I have a lot of staff to train/support, can you train my team to deliver this training/program?2018-10-03T22:05:10-05:00

We are happy to discuss designing a custom program/initiative with larger organizations who wish to license and adopt the content and have it delivered as a program by your employed teams. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss a custom consulting proposal to design a train the trainer approach, design custom content for your organization and provide governance oversight to the program in concert with your Learning and Development team.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can we deliver the courses to larger groups than those stated in the description?2018-10-03T22:00:34-05:00

The courses described are highly interactive in design to ensure the learning objectives are achieved. Larger groups could be delivered but would require multiple instructors to be involved to ensure the level of engagement required. The ratio of students to instructors would be in proportion to the limits described in the course descriptions.

Can we combine some of the course modules into a single day by extending the time?2018-10-03T21:59:31-05:00

The content of each published course/workshop is intended to fit the stated time with appropriate time for each student and the agenda created. Customizing a course for a particular client (particularly if to be delivered to multiple groups) could be arranged subject to following the core instructional design requirements of the content and the learning objectives needed.

Can the courses published on your website be delivered remotely or through a Learning Management system?2018-10-03T21:58:13-05:00

No the classes described in the website and brochure materials are designed to be delivered as instructor-led, in-person courses.  The practical experiences in the training courses require a degree of interaction that is not possible in a remote format.  Certain follow up coaching can be delivered remotely and would be subject to a specific Statement of Work to define the requirements and methods for such an engagement

Where can these courses be delivered?2018-10-03T22:09:44-05:00

MindMapUSA can deliver these courses anywhere in the USA or Canada. MindMapUSA does have experience in other countries and can deliver the courses to an English fluent audience. Please contact us to share your specific needs.

What is the copyright of the materials generated in classes or coaching sessions?2018-10-13T08:55:59-05:00

Materials provided by MindMapUSA during training or coaching are copyright of MindMapUSA and affiliated 3rd parties unless explicitly described as otherwise. Some material will be clearly marked as copyright other 3rd parties where publicly available and used for illustration purposes. Any material generated by students during the classes will remain their copyright and personally owned.

If MindMapUSA works with the client to generate custom materials for a specific engagement, those materials will be described and assigned ownership as part of the contract or Statement of Work created for that assignment.

What are your rules regarding device usage during the training courses?2018-10-03T22:08:24-05:00

As you will learn on the courses, contemporary electronic are highly distracting and interruptive. As such we request that all participants place their devices in airplane mode and only use them during defined break periods which will be spelled out at the beginning of the sessions. Commitment to participation and fun is a critical part of the learning style of the MindMapUSA courses and we encourage everyone to embrace the important lessons we will share about FOCUS and why digital distraction is something we all need to manage.

What are your payment terms for courses?2018-10-09T11:59:23-05:00

For courses payment is 50% with order due immediately and remainder due immediately on completion of the last day of course delivery. Invoices will be generated with order and delivered electronically. Electronic payment paid within 2 business days of invoice delivery will receive a 5% discount, otherwise payment later than 2 business days or by check will be charged as quoted.
For coaching or consulting engagements payment terms will be described in the Statement of Work and will be subject to the scope and timescale of the engagement.

I’d like to combine your course with a specific strategy engagement with my leadership team, can we combine like that?2018-10-03T22:11:06-05:00

The Practitioner course and the ‘Applied’ courses are ideally suited to learning new skills, clearing minds and then initiating a strategic workshop. This can be related to a specific organizational or team transition, annual planning/kick-off, or other broad company strategic topics (such as 5 year plan, succession planning etc.). The courses can be combined with a specific consulting add-on day(s) with MindMapUSA playing a facilitating role using the new techniques learned in the course. Costs would be specific to the scope of work required including preparation and follow-up requirements.
Please contact us to discuss your specific project/idea.

What is the Competence Framework mentioned in your materials?2018-10-13T08:58:15-05:00

MindMapUSA courses follow an instructional design that provides for multiple learning approaches to ensure that competence is achieved in the course objectives. The Competence Framework is the combination of the three components of Competence, namely: Knowledge, Skills and Experience.

Each of the courses and workshops provided by MindMapUSA includes a defined body of knowledge that is being imparted; clearly defined sets of skills that will be imparted supported by the knowledge; and time to gain experience (practice and absorb) in using the skills. We firmly believe that maximum adoption and change will occur if there is a robust program of follow up to the training to ensure that opportunity to repeat and apply the skills and knowledge gained is created.

MindMapUSA can provide support through coaching and consulting services to provide that reinforcement directly, or can work with the organizations leadership and learning and development staff to design a program they can deliver.

Who are MindMapUSA?2018-10-03T15:52:08-05:00

MindMapUSA is a trading division of AvoxHealth Inc. a private corporation formed in the state of Tennessee.  MindMapUSA provides training, coaching and consulting services to corporate organizations and groups.

Are you owned by Buzan?2018-10-03T21:56:46-05:00

No there is no ownership in AvoxHealth Inc. or MindMapUSA by any of the 3rd party organizations listed on this site.  Some of our courses result in the student receiving training in a curriculum defined by BuzanWorld and lead to the award of a practitioner certificate on successful completion.

Cognitive Superpowers


Contact MindMapUSA for training and services to unlock your team’s cognitive Superpowers

Cognitive Superpowers


Contact MindMapUSA for training and services to unlock your team’s cognitive Superpowers

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