We all suffer from it!

It’s an ugly word for all of us for sure, and we all do our best to pretend it’s something else.  “

 “I’ll get to that in a little while”

“What can I get the kids for dinner”

“Maybe playing guitar for a little bit will help me think better”

“Right after I finish episode 11 of 12…oh shoot just need to finish this season!”

“Oh, one more game of ‘Fortnite’ won’t hurt”

Okay that last one might not apply to everyone reading this blog

The video above by Tim Urban (@waitbutwhy) gives a fantastic background as to why most of us surrender to procrastination, and why it’s not really a good thing!  You can learn more by watching his video as he covers it so much better than I can here.

Without being too melodramatic, the struggle is real and physiological!  Our brains naturally want to do novel and interesting things and your neurophysiology rewards you for chasing those behaviors.  You get an dopamine rush doing distracting things and therefore doing boring focus things is not nearly as much fun and over time can actually become harder.

To be able to overcome distraction and procrastination, you need to practice good habits that reinforce your ability to do focused work.  Just like physical exercise, you need to regularly practice focus techniques to develop the strength to do it at will.

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